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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

"I am a housewife, piano teacher and mother of six children. We live in Arizona where many of the women are tan and beautiful all year long. Many of my friends that have had beautiful dark tans their whole lives are now paying the price with wrinkled and permanently damaged skin. I am so happy that I didn't damage my skin in my twenties and thirties now that I am in my mid forties.

I always wanted that healthy tan look and now I can have it, instantly and safely. I have olive colored skin and many instant tanners leave a color that is not natural or uneven. Vitatanz leaves my skin moist and natural looking without the worry of any damage to my skin.

Looking good is important to me but not as important as staying healthy for my husband, five sons and daughter. If you tan in a tanning bed or in the sun this could be a life saving product. Don't sacrifice your skins health at a young age. Use Vita Tanz, the tan is better than the sun's."

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New Redesigned Look
Vita Tanz is a skin perfecting, tinted sunless tanner for the face and body formulated to create exceptionally rich color on the skin.

Airbrush Formulation

The latest advances in sunless tanning technology have met luxury skin care for the most flawless sunless tan imaginable.
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Orange Palms Preventor

Protect your skin with our pleasant protective coating


by MediTanz

CR Collagen rejuvenation and AX acne treatment lamps. Light therapy treatment brought to you exclusively by Glow Essence.

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