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About Us

Welcome to the highest level of technology in the world! We are a company dedicated to protecting and saving people from skin damage which can lead to one of the most deadly forms of Cancer, Melanoma Skin Cancer. Most skin damage occurs in a person's life by the age of twenty years old and today in the United States one person dies every hour with Melanoma Skin Cancer.

Our company has now created a concept utilizing Medical Skin Diagnostic equipment to detect twelve different types of skin damage! It is our goal to raise awareness about skin damage and the importance of early detection and treatment by offering one of the most unique business opportunities of the 21st century, Medi Tanz. With the development of our "new" Age-Defying Skin Therapeutic formulation, we are now able to take care of many different types of skin conditions and offer a beautiful tan that is "The Healthiest Tan on Earth" with no DNA damage.

We highly recognize the necessity of achieving a beautiful, glowing "Mediterranean Tan!" With our new technology you can now avoid extended exposure to harmful outdoor and indoor UV rays that doubles your lifelong chances of damaging your skin, the largest organ of the human body.

Our journey, our mission begins with you.. Health is vital, start with your skin!

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New Redesigned Look
Vita Tanz is a skin perfecting, tinted sunless tanner for the face and body formulated to create exceptionally rich color on the skin.

Airbrush Formulation

The latest advances in sunless tanning technology have met luxury skin care for the most flawless sunless tan imaginable.
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Orange Palms Preventor

Protect your skin with our pleasant protective coating


by MediTanz

CR Collagen rejuvenation and AX acne treatment lamps. Light therapy treatment brought to you exclusively by Glow Essence.

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