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"The Healthiest Tan On Earth"

Since its inception Vita-Matrix has had the finest self tanning products: self tanning lotions, sunless tanning sprays, and sunless tanning booths, all created with the express goal of helping to eradicate skin cancer. We do our part by creating the finest sunless tan and self tanning sprays. Other skin treatments may leave your skin dry, or cause terrible skin acne. Increased tanning bed or outdoor tanning greatly increases the risk of skin cancer. Our sunless tan products will go beyond leaving you with a phenomenal Mediterranean tan, the rich vitamins and minerals contained in the tanning sprays will revitalize your skin, leaving you with beautiful, glowing skin.

Dangers of Sun Tanning

If your typical tan regime involves baking in the sun or cooking on a tanning bed, you may be in danger. When you tan outdoors, UV rays coming from the sun are the agent that causes melanin to form and rise to your skins surface, causing your skin to darken. When you go UV tanning in a tanning booth or tanning bed, you are surrounded by UV rays at all times. Both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers can be prevented by reducing the exposure to harmful UV rays. Our skin tanning spray and sunless tan lotion skin treatments give you a deep Hollywood tan, without the worry of skin cancer.


Skin Analysis and Treatment Clinic offers "A New concept In Better Living Fitness" - MediTanz. Tap into the power of light therapy and its healing virtues with MediTanz's new light therapy products, our exclusive CR (collagen rejuvenation) and AX (acne treatment) lamps offer collagen rejuvenation, improved elasticity, kills P bacteria caused by Acne to promote healthy skin. MediTanz Skin Analysis and Treatment Clinic has been custom designed by industry leaders to offer you a New Turnkey Concept in Skin Care to promote product sales and healthy skin while increasing your cash flow. Click here to find out more about this great new business opportunity today >>

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New Redesigned Look
Vita Tanz is a skin perfecting, tinted sunless tanner for the face and body formulated to create exceptionally rich color on the skin.

Airbrush Formulation

The latest advances in sunless tanning technology have met luxury skin care for the most flawless sunless tan imaginable.
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Vita Tanz Blending Puff

A luxurious way to evenly apply and contour the Vita Tanz complex on your body.

Airbrush Enclosure

This Airbrush Enclosure will provide a clean, fresh, and professional environment.

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